Roberto Riggio

Current Research Projects

  • H2020 5G-CARMEN (Project Coordinator). Focusing on the Bologna to Munich corridor (600 km, over three countries) the objective of 5G-CARMEN is to leverage on the most recent 5G technology enablers providing Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Over-the-Top (OTT) providers, and service providers with a multi-tenant platform that supports the automotive sector transformation towards delivering safer, greener, and more intelligent transportation with the ultimate goal of enabling self-driving cars.
  • H2020 SPIDER. SPIDER will realize an innovative cyber range as a service platform that can be leveraged upon to improve the technical security skills of experts and non-experts in the multi-tenant and multi-service environments coming with the 5G systems.
  • H2020 5G-ESSENCE. 5G ESSENCE addresses the paradigms of Edge Cloud computing and Small Cell-as-a-Service by fuelling the drivers and removing the barriers in the Small Cell market, forecasted to grow at an impressive pace up to 2020 and beyond and to play a key role in the 5G ecosystem.

Past Research Projects

  • Sperimentazione 5G - Area 2: Prato e L'Aquila. The project is an experimental activity spanning 4 years (2017-2021) to test innovative services for future 5G services over the cities of Prato and l'Aquila.
  • EU H2020 ORCA FINS (Principal Investigator). FINS proposes a new modular, extensible and flexible framework focused on extending the ORCA platform with end-to-end slicing capabilities.
  • EIT Digital Direct Air-to-Ground Communications 2018. The DA2GC project aims at enabling seamless gate-to-gate connectivity.
  • EIT Digital Direct Air-to-Ground Communications 2017. The DA2GC project aims at enabling seamless gate-to-gate connectivity.
  • H2020 COHERENT (Vice Technical Manager, Work Package Leader). The COHERENT project aims at researching, developing and validating a novel control and coordination framework for future mobile networks.
  • H2020 SESAME (Work Package Leader). The SESAME project aims at deploying network services and applications at the network edges leveraging on the Cloud Enabled Small Cell (CESC) allowing operators/service providers to engage in new sharing models of both access capacity and edge computing capabilities.
  • H2020 Vital (Project Coordinator). The VITAL project aims at applying SDN/NFV principles to terrestrial and satellite networking infrastructures.
  • FP7-PRISTINE (Work Package Leader). The PRISTINE project aims at applying the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) to a set of use cases of practical relevance, namely datacenter networking, network service provider, and distributed cloud.
  • Energino (Principal Investigator). Energino is an open real-time, precise, energy consumption meter for DC appliances.
  • FP7 Fed4FIRE Open Call (Principal Investigator). Studying performance isolation solution in multi-tenants data-centres. The experiments leveraged on multiple testbeds, namely iMinds Virtual Wall, and the i2CAT OpenFlow testbed.
  • EIT Digital SDN@EGE. Within this activity we studied performance isolation problems and solution in virtualized Wide Area Networks. The experiments leveraged Telecom Italia's Joint Open Lab (JOL) testbed.
  • FP7-ABSOLUTE. The ABSOLUTE project goal is to devise flexible and rapidly deployable resilient network infrastructures capable of ensuring dependable communications services in emergency conditions.
  • LOCOS. A commercial project about localization and tracking of mobile users in indoor environment using WiFi technology.
  • Ofelia. The project aims building a European-wide facility for experimentally driven research on Future Internet. The project employs OpenFlow to allow virtualization and control of the networking environment.
  • FI-PPP Outsmart. The project aims at developing five innovative smart-city ecosystems. I worked on water leakages detection and in particular of the optimal deployment of wireless sensors.
  • ACKA: An industry funded project focusing on the development of a novel network management solutions for large scale wireless networks.
  • Obelix: An industry funded project focusing on the development of a distributed network management solutions for wireless mesh networks.
  • FP7 SMARTNET: SMART-antenna multimode wireless mesh Network.
  • WING: Wireless Mesh Networks for Next Generation Internet, joint Italy-Israel project, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.